Building the foundation rooted in Kuleana, Aloha, Laulima, Onipa'a
"When the sun shines in the valley : O'er our school so cool and green 
Underneath the shady monkeypod : Happy children work and play."

Upcoming Events

General Membership/
November 30


Campus Beautification
February 2, 2019


Fall Donation Drive Update
We reached our goal!
A total of $40,523 was collected.
Thank you for your

# # #

Congratulations to the Fall 
donation drive winners!

Highest participation classes:
Ms. Golden (1st grade)
Ms. Hirano (4th grade)
Ms. Cooke (4th grade)
Mr. Asato (5th grade)

The classes above will receive $250 in classroom supplies and a pizza party.

80% participation classes:
Ms. Nagakura (kindergarten)
Ms. HIrohata-Kano (1st grade)
Ms. Yasui (2nd grade)
Ms. Zane-Chin (3rd grade)

The classes above will receive an ice cream party.