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Fall Fundraiser

Thanks to the dedicated community of families, school administrators and outstanding teachers, Ma`ema`e Elementary School is one of Honolulu’s top elementary schools!  Your Ma`ema`e Elementary School PTSA is committed to providing programs and events that benefit ALL students.  We need your support to continue growing our beneficial programs with a donation goal of just $75 per child. 

When donating to our Ma`ema`e Fall Donation Drive, remember the RULE OF 100%

          • Is Tax Deductible
          • Stays at Ma`ema`e Elementary School
          • Goes directly to the programs and services benefitting ALL students

 Please think about how your family can help us reach that goal – all gifts are welcome and appreciated! 

  • $75 provides funds for physical/life science experiments for 10 students
  • $100 contributes to the maintenance and repair of school grounds
  • $250 covers classroom supplies for one teacher
  • $500 defrays the cost of one field trip
  • $1,000 pays for books and supplies for the Fun Facts Program, benefiting all grade level